Are you someone who, like so many, has tried every diet under the sun – youʼve done weight loss classes, diets or the multitude of schemes and plans out there? You have possibly lost a few pounds, but a few months on, put it right back on again! … sounds familiar?
Well, Helen Helliwell has the answer for you whether you are young or old, male or female, healthy or unfit.


As a Level 4 Exercise Specialist and Master Personal Trainer and a Level 4 Obesity and Diabetic

Management Consultant, Helen can help you achieve your weight loss goals and more importantly keep that weight off, with all the exceptional health benefits that will bring you.

Physical Therapy

How is it done?

Well, it requires some hard work and commitment from you, but Helen will be with you every step of the way. Helen offers a non-judgmental approach to your weight loss and health management. You will receive Helenʼs personal support and advice when you exercise in the private environment of her professorially equipped and comfortable home gym or at your own home.

1. Setting Realistic Goals

Helenʼs main aim is to help you get – and stay – motivated, build confidence and self-esteem, reach your goals and make a lifetime change for the better.

2. Nutritional Guidance

Nutrition is key to achieving your weight loss and fitness goals. Helen will talk you through your current diet and guide you in making the changes required. One client commented “after working with Helen for a few weeks my taste buds changed and the junk food I used to eat just didnʼt taste nice any more!”

3. Fun and Firm

Helen will create a routine that suits you as an individual, making it fun to achieve whilst being firm in intention.

4. Enjoying A New Healthier Lifestyle

Clients have made similar comments about their experiences … they were delighted with their efforts and the results gained. None of them felt they could have achieved it on their own and they all loved the varied exercises they did which meant they did not get bored. They all had lots of laughs (and a few tears) on the way and became addicted to their new bodies, lifestyles and regular exercise.

Weight Loss Case Studies:

A female client, aged 52 had been on various diets, none of which really worked.

After seven weeks she had lost 6% body fat, a stone in weight and her cholesterol and blood pressure now normal. Commenting on this, she said, “I can fit into clothes I never thought I would wear again. I have lots more energy than I have had in a long time and feel so much better”.

A female client, aged 38 was suffering with high blood pressure and high cholesterol levels as well as being overweight with high level of body fat at 42%.

After three months of regular training, her blood pressure and cholesterol returned to normal, she lost over a stone in weight and her body fat reduced to 37%. She was delighted with results and keen to continue to her longer term goal of even more weight loss and reduction in body fat.Male aged 25, was trained by myself to become very fit to get into the armed forces, losing 6 stones in weight in six months and passed his fitness test with flying colours.

On leaving the armed forces four years later, found his weight increased significantly along with his waist measurement, body fat and body mass index.

Clothes became very tight, he felt very tired on days off work and very dissatisfied with his appearance. On doing regular workouts and healthy eating, after ten weeks, lost a stone in weight, waist has decreased by 2 inches, body fat has reduced by 3% and he now fits his clothes and now feels much better about his appearance. So pleased with the results he will be keeping going long term to further reduce weight and most importantly keep it off long term, the Holy Grail of dieters. All this without any special diets, merely changing lifestyle, regular, easy to follow exercise and healthy eating. Female aged 45, health issues with her feet making standing up and walking very difficult and running impossible, found it impossible to keep off weight lost on diets.

After eight weeks, lost a stone in weight, able to stand up without difficulty with items in her hands, walking straighter on both feet, posture greatly improved, lots more energy and ready to go on a holiday where she will have lots of walking which she never thought possible. Well on track to lose a further two stones in weight to reach her target 9.5 stones in weight.These clients achieved this through Helenʼs training, her encouragement and dietary advice as well as their own hard work and the realisation that something in their lives had to change.

Most of all they did not want to become victims of the current epidemic of adult and childhood obesity with all the dangers to health being overweight brings.

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