Post Natal

The joy of giving birth is an exciting, nerve-wrackingtime when our bodies, having worked so hard for nine months, finally release our beautiful babies into the world.   After the nine months anticipation, looking after ourselves and our babies, being careful what we eat and drink,  anticipating what motherhood will be like and how we will cope, this can be an enormously stressful time.  Once the birth is over, the hard work continues with looking after this gorgeous totally dependent child and its fabulous!


However, as we get into the routine of motherhood, whether we have had a C section, natural delivery, forceps delivery, with epidural, gas and air or nothing, we frequently become aware of how our bodies have changed.  The abdominals look and feel so different and after a C section, we have a scar where the skin was cut to access the womb, getting the baby out.  Sometimes the urge to get fit and strong again comes very quickly and new mothers are tempted into mother and baby classes, walking with buggies and other forms of exercise, enjoying the social aspect of chatting with other new mums on many aspects of babies as well as enjoying adult conversation again.


Some mums, however, don’t find this nearly so easy, whether its recovering from a difficult birth, waiting the recommended time after a C section, or simply lack of time, enthusiasm and energy.


Whatever your individual needs may be, being a mum myself with a son aged 30 delivered naturally and a daughter aged 8 delivered by C section, I understand all the above issues, having been there myself.  Ive worked full time from when my son was four months old and experienced the juggle of being a professional employee, a mum, wife and daughter.  After my daughter was born, I had difficulties and wasn’t able to work for six months after her birth, and then she had reflux for nearly three years, involving lots of issues around feeding times, so Ive experienced the enormous highs and lows of motherhood in my 20’s as well as my 40’s and both ages have their challenges.  Its taught me an enormous amount about myself.   Since then Ive regained my former health and fitness levels and taken them to a new height, and am really enjoying my energy, fitness and health, at the age of 55.


I want to help other ladies, whatever your age, to achieve the very best health and fitness levels your body is able, whether your just signed off from the midwife or many months or even years after birth, giving you the opportunity to regain your figure, strengthen those muscles, ligaments and joints, tone up not only your abdominal muscles but all your other muscles as well, regaining good posture and feel energised and self confident again.


To give you a taster, Im offering a FREE consultation and FREE taster week to all ladieskeen to try this service.  I operate from a private gym space with indoor and outdoor working area, giving you privacy, 1-1 attention, fresh air and fabulous workouts, varied every week, tailored to your individual needs and guaranteed to get you the toned body you want, when you do the work needed to achieve it.


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