Physical Therapy

I help injured or ill people improve their movement and manage their pain, mainly in the form of rehabilitation, treatment & prevention.

This can fall into many categories such as –  Post operative, Cardiovascular issues, Alzheimer’s, Repetitive Strain, Physical disabilities, Patients with chronic conditions, Illnesses, or Injuries.

I am very keen on preventing illness and injury through 1-1 training and get great results from the workouts I do with my fabulous clients. I also work with clients who already suffer with conditions including heart diseasediabetes, obesity issues, osteoporosislow back pain and parkinsons disease.

Using specific exercises suitable for these conditions,  we work together to ensure each client achieves and continues to enjoy the best possible health and fitness according to their individual needs and goals. Exercise should be enjoyable and achievable and we have fun, fresh air, and privacy while we do it.

Physical Therapy

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